UNISA Diploma Courses

By ED Curtson •  Updated: 10/13/22 •  6 min read

Diploma courses have always been one of the most demanded study certifications in the world.  This qualification may not be like a degree, but it can be very practical. UNISA, as the University of South Africa, is deemed a credible and prestigious university and offers numerous diploma courses. UNISA focuses on diploma courses as a career-centric point and vocational-oriented training preparing you for a particular course of studies.


UNISA Diploma courses can be a great fit and perfect for you if you would like to learn about the industries in terms of operations. Their courses provide regular curricula and help you stay ahead of all trends within the specified industry.

UNISA diploma courses are more often skill oriented and provide practical experience. Entry for Diploma courses in UNISA may vary accordingly. There are quite a number of Diploma courses that can be offered at UNISA. When considering UNISA diploma courses, having the right plan and understanding the qualification are vital. As a prestigious institution offering advanced courses and training, they go beyond the theory and abstract. 

List of diploma courses at UNISA

The University of South Africa offers a lot of advantageous courses that streamline studies and enhance practical solutions in the corporate world. UNISA provides diploma courses in almost all colleges, including Education, Human Science, law, Accounting sciences, Agricultural and environmental sciences, Economics and management sciences, Science, engineering and technology, and Business Leadership. 

Full List of UNISA Diploma courses

How Do I Register For Diploma At UNISA?

Registering for a diploma course in UNISA has been made easy. There are several prerequisites that any individual can follow, provided you have the right grades and information. It is important to note that registering for a diploma course has a timeline and a deadline. Once you miss the registration, you obviously will not have the chance to study a diploma course at UNISA. Registering for a diploma course at UNISA begins around August – September and ends within a period of 5 to 6 weeks.

You can only register for a diploma course at UNISA once you have applied for admission and are also ready to take up the course chosen. It is illegal for you to be registered without the right placement. New applicants are encouraged to always apply following the registration timeline and provide information regarding the course and the student involved.

The registration process can take between 48 and 72 hours, and all prospective students registered in the system will have a free “mylife” email address for all official purposes. UNISA only recognizes its students by the email provided during the registration process. 

How long does a diploma take at UniSA?

The timeframe to study at UNISA depends on the accreditation and course. There are different schools and colleges that UNISA comprises. Diplomas can be obtained from a creditable university such as UNISA within three years or 36 months. Every year you have a break period to access your skill, take an internship, or work, usually between 8 to12 weeks. 

Does NSFAS Fund For Diploma Courses At UNISA?

The National Students Financial Aid scheme is a government organisation solely made to provide aid to South African students under their constitution. UNISA, a prominent institution and a recognized university body, supports its students or individuals to receive funding throughout their study period.

Although UNISA differs largely from the traditional universities in South Africa, NSFAS (The National students’ financial Aid scheme) provides funding like registration, tuition, allowances etc., for all UNISA students. NSFAS provides funding for all students offering diploma courses and those who tend to take online courses within UNISA and other TVET institutions.

However, NSFAS does not fund short-term courses or short degrees that are offered online. The bursary supports students who take diploma courses throughout the whole academic period. 

University diploma vs college diploma

There is always confusion about the difference between a university diploma and a college diploma, and are often mistaken for both as incomparable.

Entry for the college diploma seems to be on the low side compared to the university diploma in terms of grading. Considering the similarities, the qualification equivalence has a large distinction between the two. A College diploma provides you with certification and compromises of a two-year theory study and one year of practical.

On the other hand, university college comes in after completing the two-year college diploma, ensuring you get all the required practices in NQF level 5. The college diploma focuses on the practical and has a credit of 360, just like the university diploma. Through the N4 to N6, 180 points must be obtained through two years or 24 months of practical training. 

By and large, these have a common goal and some similarities. Noting the difference, it only falls on the requirements, credit hours, and levels.