CSIR Bursary South Africa Application: How To Apply And Other Important Insights

By ED Curtson •  Updated: 10/13/22 •  6 min read

CSIR, or Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, was established in 1945. It is a famous research and development organization in South Africa, covering 10% of the whole of Africa’s research and development budget.

It undertakes research and development in versatile fields and helps students from their Honors stage. DSI, or the Department of Science and Innovation, is committed to providing a breakthrough in the socio-economic development of South Africa.


It encourages students toward research, development, and innovation. The well-being of South Africans is initiated through these CSIR and DSI undertaken programs. 

Insight into South Africa’s CSIR and Bursary Program 

CSIR, through its various programs, initiates development in the field of science and technology. The breakthrough development can only happen if the youths are encouraged.

To make things easier, South Africa’s CSIR provides bursaries to students. As stated above, South Africa spends 10% of Africa’s budget on research and development

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research organization is based in Pretoria. It has an individual campus with 3000 technical and scientific research staff.

The CSIR Bursary was started to financially support young researchers who are enrolled in the CSIR programs. The students are selected based on the merit of their respective degrees.

The organization also encourages research and development programs for black and female students in Science, Technology, and Engineering.

The bursary is awarded to students studying in the Undergraduate to Honors degree field.

Undergraduate-Honours degrees in Engineering and Corporate and Master’s Degrees are funded under this CSIR program.

Fields Funded Under The CSIR Bursary Program

Students studying applied physics, civil engineering, computer science, aeronautical engineering, modelling and data science, mechanical engineering, economic and information systems, extractive metallurgy, etc., are provided with a bursary for these fields.

B. Tech/B. Com in Accounting for Risk Management degree students are eligible to receive CSIR Bursary.

Master’s degree students in South Africa are studying in various research groups.

The bursary is given in advanced material engineering, human and societal systems, optronic sensor systems, etc. Every research group involved in a Master’s degree has a group that includes certain qualifications.

What Do You Need To Know About scientific and industrial research Bursary?

We are talking above about CSIR Bursary. What exactly is it that? Who are eligible to apply? These many questions may be coming to your mind. Let’s clear it up here. 

The bursary is a sum of money given by an organization to the students to continue their University or College. It is awarded to deserving young students for further research and development in their respective fields.

Corporate or Government organizations offer the bursary to students to study at the University. It covers the full-time tuition fee of the students. Additional cost covered is for things like laptops, textbooks, allowances for accommodation, and meals.

Most organizations offering a bursary to the students requires that the scholar completes the work or the research associated with their organization.

This benefits the bursar (person who gets bursary), as they will get employment after their research. Moreover, the organization will have an educated and well-trained member to join their team.

How to Apply for Bursary in South Africa?

The call for CSIR Bursary has already been given. You can now apply for the bursary program 2022-2023 if you are a country citizen.

Let us now check out the qualifying process for the CSIR Bursary program for South African students.

The eligibility requirements are as under:

After checking the eligibility criteria, complete the online bursary application process. You must do the following to complete the application process.

Students can look forward to many available bursaries for the year 2022. You can click on the links and ask the queries from the required persons involved. 

There are a few other requirements included in the application form. So, if you are looking forward to CSIR Bursary, you must also meet all these requirements of the application process. 


CSIR Bursary is helping realize the dream of many South African students who could not continue their studies in their respective fields.

They have to drop out of their degrees because of the lack of financial support. The initiative taken by corporates and the government is bringing the students into mainstream projects.