How to Apply for Harambee in South Africa?

By ED Curtson •  Updated: 09/30/22 •  5 min read

South Africa’s unemployment rate is the highest it has ever been. Unfortunately, many of those who find themselves in need of jobs are young, often inexperienced workers – who have not been given the opportunity by companies and employment agencies because they don’t have years of experience.

So, to help unemployed youth African youth find jobs, Harambee is connecting youth to employers seeking entry-level employees.


If you are currently looking for work in South Africa, keep reading to find out how Harambee can help you.

What do They do at Harambee

Harambee is a not-for-profit youth employment centre that has been operating in South Africa for ten years. The mission is to help unemployed youth who come from historically disadvantaged backgrounds find employment at some of South Africa’s top companies.

Harambee does this by developing partnerships with large companies and then creating systems within those organizations that enable them to focus on hiring previously disadvantaged youth within their company.

The purpose of Harambee is to show these organizations how to integrate youth unemployment initiatives into existing structures, giving available positions to these youths.

This work allows Harambee to bridge the gap between employers and South Africa’s disadvantaged youth, creating a critical link that did not exist before.

How Do I Apply For Harambee

Applying for Harambee is straightforward and can be done online through your mobile. To start the application process, follow the step below.

Step 1: Visit

To apply, visit The site is free to access from Vodacom, MTN, CellC, and Rain, meaning you don’t need any data to access it.

The process takes about 4 minutes. During this time, you will be asked questions that will determine the opportunities Harambee suggests for you. Therefore, answering all these questions honestly is integral.

Step 2: Create your Details

If you haven’t applied to Harambee before, you will be required to create an account using your ID number or refugee number. You can do this by visiting and clicking “I’m Ready to Join”.

You’ll then be redirected to the application process.

Now fill in your ID number or refugee number in addition to your first name, surname, phone number, and email address if you have one.

If you’re having trouble signing up you can call 0800 72 72 72 for assistance.

Step 3: Find Work and Volunteer Opportunities

Once you’ve created your account, remember your username and password because you will use these details to apply for opportunities through the website.

From you can access a variety of employment, volunteer, bursary, and learnership programs. Many of these opportunities will be based on your location and other factors that you input when creating your profile.

Step 4: Keep Your Profile Up-to-Date

If you have found work, be sure to update your Harambee details so that unemployed youth have priority for available positions. Nevertheless, Harambee will remind you every three months to update your profile. You can also create an engaging CV using the service and then attach that to any opportunities you find exciting.

If you don’t have access to, you can also apply through email, by emailing your name, ID number, and the school where you matriculated or completed grade 11 to

Who Qualifies for Harambee?

Before you begin the application process, you should also be sure you meet the criteria, otherwise, your application is likely to be rejected.

At the time of applying, you must:

What Companies Does Harambee Work With?

Harambee works primarily with larger South African corporations seeking entry-level employees. Some of the employers on their network include:

Beware of Scams Targeting Harambee Applicants

Harambee is free to use and access. However, since youth unemployment is very high within South Africa, some unscrupulous people have developed scams to target these youth.

Therefore, to be safe, these are some things you should keep in mind to ensure you don’t fall victim to any scams.

  1. Harambee Will Never Ask For Money

You do not need to pay to register for Harambee, nor do you need to pay to apply for a job or opportunity through Harambee. If anyone calls, SMSes, or emails you with an opportunity where you need to make a payment, this is a scam. Do not give them any details or continue with any application.

  1. Every URL will link you to

If you receive an email, text, or WhatsApp message and click on a link if the link does not begin with or exit the website and report the site to Harambee.

Also, be sure that the website you’re linking to is secure before putting in any of your details.

  1. Harambee Provides Opportunities Within South Africa

If you receive any communication that is purported to be from Harambee but is for overseas work, do not respond. All Harambee’s opportunities will be in South Africa and in a city or suburb close to where you stay.

Using Harambee can be the first step to securing permanent and lucrative employment in South Africa as a young person. However, be sure you also make use of some of the other services offered, including assistance with CV creation and entrepreneurial assistance.

To keep updated with all of it opportunities, follow them on Facebook @harambee.youthemployment.