SASSA Grant Application Requirements

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We all need a little help sometimes. Oftentimes we find ourselves down and out through no fault of our own, so it’s nice to know you have a friend. SASSA can be your friend in your darkest hour. SASSA refers to the South African Social Security Agency, a division of the government created in 2005 to distribute social grants on behalf of the Department of Social Development. In addition to the stable grants they offer, they have recently made the social relief of distress grant available to people suffering the effects of Covid-19. They have also recently streamlined the process of SASSA applications to allow you to apply online or even through WhatsApp.


In its existence, SASSA grants have paid billions of Rands, and according to the 2021 Budget Review Report, expect the number of new beneficiaries to increase by 300,000 people this year. If you would like to be a part of these new beneficiaries, then read on to find out if you qualify for SASSA grant and how to apply.

Types of SASSA grants and Their Requirements.

SASSA allows for seven types of grants, depending on what kind of financial strain you’re under. Each grant has a specific “means test”, where they check if you are below a certain yearly income. 

The SASSA grants you can apply for in 2021 are:

SASSA applications have three requirements in common, which are:

Apart from these general requirements, there is a lot of variation in the requirements you must fulfil to apply for the various SASSA grants. So, let’s look at each in depth.

Child Support Grant

This SASSA grant is made to assist you with affording the basic needs of raising kids, like groceries, school fees, and medical costs. It covers the child until they turn 18.

Grant amount: R450 per month, per child (up to six children).

Means Test: R52 800 per year for single parents, R105 600 per year for married couples.

Specific Requirements:

Child Dependency Grant

This SASSA grant is offered to help take care of a child who needs full-time care because of a severe disability, covering them from birth to 18 years old.

Grant amount: R1860 per month.

Means Test: R223 200 per year for single parents, R446 400 per year for married couples.

Specific Requirements:

Disability Grant

This SASSA grant is offered to people with a physical/mental disability that makes them unable to work for a period of longer than six months.

This SASSA grant is temporary but can be made permanent (i.e. until you die) if the disability continues for more than a year. 

Grant amount: R1860 per month.

Means Test: R86 280 per year if single, R172 560 per year for married couples.

You can’t have assets worth more than R1 227 600 if single or R 2 455 200 if married.

Specific Requirements:

The doctor will complete a medical report and forward it to SASSA.

Foster Child Grant

This SASSA grant is provided for those who take care of the foster child or child who is been placed in your custody by a court.

Grant amount: R1040 per month.

Means Test: There is no specified means test on the government website.

Specific Requirements:

Older Persons Grant

This SASSA grant is given as income for people older than 60, who have no other financial income.

Grant amount: This depends on the income of the applicant per month, with the maximum being R1880. 

Means Test: R 86 280 per year if single, R 172 560 per year for married couples.

You can’t have assets worth more than R1 227 600 if single or R 2 455 200 if married.

Specific Requirements:

Social Relief of Distress

Also known as Covid-19 relief, this SASSA grant provides temporary help for people who can’t make ends meet.

Grant amount: R350 

Means Test: None given.

According to the government website, the specific requirements are:


this SASSA grant is meant for those who already have another SASSA grant but can still not make ends meet.

Grant amount: R450 

Means Test: None given.

Specific Requirements:

War Veterans Grant

this SASSA grant is only for people who have served in World War II or the Korean War, which excludes the vast majority of the population. Further details can be found on the government website linked above.

SASSA application: How to Apply for a SASSA grant Online or in Person.

Once you have the specific documents laid out above for your specific SASSA application, it is pretty straightforward to apply. Your SASSA application can be done in person or online for certain SASSA grants.

In Person

For all SASSA applications, go to your nearest SASSA office with the following:

The SASSA officials will give you a form to fill out and take your fingerprints. That’s it, easy as pie.


online applications are possible for the following SASSA grants: Older Persons Grant, Child Support Grant, and Foster Child Grant. 

To apply online for SASSA grant, you need to:


this is specifically a method of SASSA application meant for the Covid-19 Social Relief Grant.

Conclusion: ‘

If your SASSA application is accepted, the officials will inform you about the payment dates and the options for receiving your money. Should your SASSA application be denied, you will be informed in writing about the reasons why. 

SASSA can be a lifeline for people in need, and I encourage anyone to take advantage of this government safety net. We all need a hand now and then.

I hope you found this post helpful, and drop a comment if you have any further questions. Don’t forget to share with people you know that are in need.


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