How To Check If Your RDP House Is Out

By ED Curtson •  Updated: 09/29/22 •  6 min read

Housing is basically the construction of a structure that serves as a home for people. Everybody needs shelter and a place to call home, somewhere to lay their heads after a hard day’s work no matter what. 

South Africa has a number of housing systems citizens can choose from depending on their standard of living. It has been arranged in such a way that a person’s cost of living or income from the work they do will determine the housing unit they can choose from per the requirements needed sometimes. 


The South African government has initiated policies for building State-owned houses for its citizens. The following are government housing projects;

  All these housing projects have their terms and conditions for applying. 

Reconstruction Development Programme (RDP) housing, also known as the Government subsidy housing, is a socio-economic policy implemented by the first black president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, to decrease the high level of poverty of South African citizens by building houses. To ease the burden of individuals and families who can’t afford houses or homes to lay their heads. The policy has helped quite a number of people since it was initiated. 

Reconstruction Development Programme (RDP) housing has been of great help on the larger part to the less privileged in South Africa. In as much as this policy faces criticisms that most South Africans will not benefit from it due to corruption and poor construction of the houses, it is and will still be of great help to citizens since it will reduce the crime rate in the country. People who lack shelter, that is, homes to lay their heads, are at a high risk of being exposed to attacks and abuses from bandits outside. They can be beaten, killed, kidnapped, raped, or forced to do abysmal acts that are against their will.

How To Check If Your RDP house is Out?

There are several ways you can track your Reconstruction Development Programme (RDP) housing status to know whether it was successful or not. 

Using the online method to track your Reconstruction Development Programme (RDP) house application status, you must do the following;

Other ways you can check your application status are to;

Contact the Department Of Human Settlement (DHS) via the toll-free number 0800 146 873 or 012 421 1915. You can also email the Department at

Does Applying For RDP house Go For A Fee?

Applying for Reconstruction Development Programme (RDP) house is free and does not go for any cost. 

Who Qualifies To Apply For RDP housing?

You must meet the National Housing Subsidy Scheme (NHSS) before you apply. Those who qualify to apply for Reconstruction Development Programme (RDP) house are individuals who are South African citizens or permanent residents and are 21 years and above. You must therefore meet the following requirements when applying; 

What Are The Required Documents Needed When Applying For RDP housing?

The necessary documents you will need when applying are;

Where Can You Apply For RDP housing?

You would have to visit the following places with the required documents to be able to apply for a Reconstruction Development Programme (RDP) house;

How Do You Apply For RDP housing?

To start your Reconstruction Development Programme (RDP) house application, you must do the following;

Before you go to the satellite office, make sure you make photocopies of your documents and get them certified at a police station or magistrate court. 

To apply for an RDP house using the online method, you have to do the following;

What Are The Important Things You Should Take Notice Of When Applying For RDP housing?